Cathy's Pictures

Lots of little pictures, just little squares of my life.
Run your cursor over each picture for the caption.

My purple slippers Karen and I with a friend's cat The Duomo in Florence Flowers on a table in Malawi Mary and Karen Excited kids in Cote d'Ivoire Alex
Big Buddha in Japan Myself, Mary and Eric Ancient floor at ruins in Assissi, Italy Mary and I at Ayuthaya, Thailand Bananas in Pyjamas Mom kept me with the laundry An awesome bar in the Plaka, Athens
Me in front of our bungalow on a Thai island Andrew Statue in a garden in Italy Me! Butterfly in the African rainforest I'm a ghost, can you see me? Yes, this is the real David
Appropriate shirt for a night at a country bar Karen on the lookout I like beer. Texas beer. Mary and I eating coconuts on the beach in Africa Beer tablecloth Eating a pudding pop African masks
Beautiful beach on Crete Cathy and Erika Dad loves his M&Ms Delphi, Greece Dan, Kim, Dan, and I Menu in Dedza, Malawi Having a good laugh over the size of the table salt
I loved that hat Flowerstand in Barcelona, Spain My friend Erika Dome in an Italian church The first time I lost my front teeth Little fat naked man sitting on a turtle Ian, Teri, and Courtenay on the ferry to Athens
Mask in Medibly My very first birthday cake, yum Grave of the unknown soldier in Paris Italian garden My grandma Doorway on Paros, Greece Don't take your guns to town son
Eric is a lion, that's a trash can on his head! Greek monestary Hosias Lucas I love Ben & Jerrys Japan James Bond Island in Thailand (Man with the Golden Gun Cute little kitten Karen and I
Jelly Belly!! Karen at Christmas Kim at Monk's Antiques in Pipestone Greek woman Kim eating a pudding pop Pagoda in Japan Kim is the Rodeo Angel
Diana and I at Fado's in Austin The Oracle in Delphi, Greece My mom Nkhata Bay in Malawi Mary and I The Parthanon in Athens, Greece I looooove pumpkin pie
Karen loves her new monkey Mountaintop in Montana Statue of Laocoon in Italy Our angel Marie with Mary and I in Ghana The Louvre Eric and I at Halloween My little sweetie Mayson
Thailand A poppy in Utah Karen enjoying fondue Thai warrior Doorway over San Marco, Venice, Italy Kim and I snorkel Shiner is good
My babies in a shoebox All of us girls at Christmas Tomb of monks in Monastraki, Greece Spain Riding a horse at Plymouth, England Spanish market Stained glass of St. Chappelle in Paris
Kim with a Texas Ranger Eating mini coconut cakes in Thailand Little Toby McDonalds in Tokyo Church at Torchello, Italy Trafelger lion in London Umbrellas under a bridge in San Antonio
My friend Stavros and I in Athens Winged Victory in the Louvre, Paris Thai girls dancing Mary and I, New Years Eve 1999 Greek window Kristi and I Near Ground Zero
Meow Flag in the Boston sun Golden Gates disappearing into the fog Little baby Gabe Tom on St Patricks Day The Polka Police are out there... Little baby Alex
Little baby Bastian I love you Kiefer Malta Guiness in Ghana My hero Freedom Trail Maybe Henrik